Using School Zone Voucher Codes (Step-by-Step Guide)

After your school has been approved as an ChinesePod Academic Partner, login to the ChinesePod website. After you log in, you will see a new link to School Zone on the right-hand side of your dashboard.

From here you can begin inviting your students.

Once you have purchased your accounts we will send you unique voucher codes for each of your students.

A voucher code will look like this [D9RG7WXFFS] and can be used to activate a new account

Click ‘Invite Student’ and you will get a page like this.


1.Create a new group for your students to make management easier

2.Give uses a custom ID if you would like to keep track of users on your own system

3. Enter the student name

3.Enter their name and email, as well as one of your voucher codes.


*Please note,  for students with an existing free or paid account, please ask them to log in, and visit directly.

From here, they can enter one of your unique voucher codes.  This automatically upgrade their account.

Submit the form, and you will receive a green confirmation box.

Your student will now receive an activation email containing a link to activate their new account, as well as a default password.


Once your student clicks the link, they will be taken to our getting started page and have access to the premium ChinesePod content.

When you return to your School Zone, you will see that your list of students has grown.  You can use the status icon on the right to check which students have activated their accounts, as well as which groups they belong to.

If you click in to your students you can view their profile and courses currently studied.



Assign a pre-made course for your students:

 Click on your students name, and from their profile page (see above) scoll down until you see the course list. This shows what they are currently studying.

If you would like to choose a course for them, click “Add new course” and choose from the drop-down menu.  This list consists of pre-made course from ChinesePod and other lists shared by students.

 The student will now have that course available in their dashboard under the courses tab.


Instructions on How To Create a Custom Course for your students











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