How to Print Lesson Notes

In this tutorial I’m going to show you a quick hack to make your studying a bit more effective on ChinesePod.

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Sometimes I like to study the old fashioned way by printing out the lesson notes and studying like this.

In my opinion, this is more effective because holding on to a physical object is so much more engaging, tactile, and stimulates your brain more so than reading text from a screen, (make sure you recycle your paper afterwards though). 

To print a lesson, simply scroll down the lesson page, and click on the PDF or TEXT view, (Text files load a lot quicker).

The lesson PDFs include the lesson dialogue and vocab/supplementary vocabulary to focus the learner.


If you want a print friendly version of the expansion/grammar sections, simply click on those tabs, and click “Print this page”.

From here you can either copy the text and import it into your favourite dictionary app, or you can go ahead and print this as well.

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