Create Custom Course/Playlist for Students

Inside SchoolZone, click on the course tab, and choose create a custom course on the right-hand side.


For Info about Schoolzone and adding students, read this article.




Enter a name of your course/playlist and a brief introduction for your students, then choose whether to share it with other ChinesePod teachers, or just make private.



From here you can begin adding lesson content and customising the album artwork.


First, click on the edit button and begin adding lessons you like.  To add a lesson, find the lesson page and copy the lesson ID. If you paste this number into the box, it will add that lesson to the list. 



You can use the green arrows to rearrange the order of the lessons.

You make also upload a CSV containing the lesson ID’s if you would do this in one step.

Once you’re happy with the course, click update. If you then navigate back to the student tab and click on your student, you can add a course following the steps above for adding a “pre-made course’.

Your student will now have your custom made course on their dashboard. If you click the gold key icon, it will put that as the priority course that he is studying now, since a student can only have one active course in their feed at any one time.




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