Get ChinesePod Lesson Notes on your Kindle

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In this article I’m going to show how you can read your ChinesePod lessons on your Kindle with just 2 clicks. (You don't need to own a kindle to do this: The app is available for free on all platforms).

How To Guide

Well first you want to be using Chrome Browser, and download the Official ‘Send to Kindle’ extension via the Chrome web store.

After you have associated your Kindle email with the extension, open up a ChinesePod lesson and click on the download links on the left hand side. Choose the text version for your chosen character set.

Once the page has loaded up, just click the Send to Kindle button, and seconds later you have it on your device, and you can start studying. 

If you want to include the vocabulary and supplementary vocabulary, you'll need to select all the text on the page.  You can do this by pressing cmd+A (mac) or ctrl+A (PC).

The same steps can be followed for the grammar and expansion texts. Just click the links under the lesson mp3's, cancel the print dialogue and hit the Kindle extension. Note that the grammar headers don't transfer over for some reason. 





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