ChinesePod’s Recommended Podcast Player for iOS

If users like to listen to ChinesePod using their custom RSS feed, we recommend the excellent and free podcast app, Overcast. Another great paid option is iCatcher! which has lots of cool features. (Check the user comments for more details).


Top Features:

  • Push notifications when you bookmark a lesson
  • Clean layout
  • Smart speed (shortens silence automatically)
  • Multiple listening speeds (0.5>2x)
  • Voice boost for noisy environments



Read the full post here with screenshots. 




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    An alternate payed app that is excellent for language study is iCatcher! It has all of the features of Overcast, like 3/4 speed and a 5 second rewind, plus some nice additional ones, like the ability to bookmark locations within a podcast so that you can return to them later, a great internal browser that enables access to all the premium content of ChinesePod, including a PDF reader for reviewing the lesson, and some convenient gestures for play/stop/rewind. Plus, it can do split screen, so you can work side by side with Pleco for example, if you have a capable device. The developer is extremely responsive, and the settings are deep and allow a lot of customization. I've tried all the other popular podcast apps in the App Store, and iCatcher is the only one that enabled access to all the supplemental material in ChinesePod.

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