Subscribing to ChinesePod Playlists & Courses

ChinesePod has a selection of staff-curated playlists (also known as courses) that group together similar lessons.

We recommend these playlists for new users that have just signed up and not sure where to start.

Our most popular playlist is Daily Life 1 (Newbie to Elementary). If your focus is on Business, you can try this playlist.

Check out the full list here. We are now updating new playlists weekly. 

If you want to study these playlists, you can favorite them and view them on your "My Courses" part of the website. Each playlist has a custom RSS feed for studying on any podcast app. For more info on RSS feeds, read this.

Here is a picture guide to saving courses and playlists.

1. Go to the playlists:



2. View your Playlists: 

3. Get custom RSS feed for each playlist for easy listening on podcast player. 









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